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The Anglican Church of Canada


The Anglican Church of Canada ministers to more than 800,000 Anglicans in 30 dioceses (regional groupings) across Canada. Each of these dioceses has a bishop that is responsible for the spiritual well-being and administration of the churches in its area. The Anglican Church of Canada is a member of the worldwide Anglican Communion, a community of 80 million members in 44 regional and national member churches in over 160 countries.

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The Assembly of First Nations


The Assembly of First Nations (AFN) is the national representative organization of the First Nations in Canada. There are over 630 First Nations communities in Canada. The AFN Secretariat is designed to present the views of the various First Nations through their leaders in areas such as: Aboriginal and Treaty Rights, Economic Development, Education, Languages and Literacy, Health, Housing, Social Development, Justice, Taxation, Land Claims, Environment, and a whole array of issues that are of common concern which arise from time to time.

The Presbyterian Church in Canada


Presbyterians have worshipped and served in Canada since the 1700’s, however The Presbyterian Church in Canada came into being as a unified denomination in 1875 and is comprised of 950 congregations across the nation. Reformed and ecumenical, it is in fellowship with the World Alliance of Reformed Churches and welcomes its place within the universal Christian Church.

The United Church of Canada


The United Church of Canada is the largest Protestant denomination in Canada. They minister to close to 3 million people in over 3500 congregations across the country. The United Church of Canada was formed in 1925 when the Methodist Church, Canada, the Congregational Union of Canada, and 70 per cent of the Presbyterian Church in Canada entered into an organic union.

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