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Aboriginal Church Justice Work in the United Church of Canada

Since the United Church of Canada offered its apology to First Nations Peoples in 1986, and later, in 1998, to former residential school students, there has been a concerted effort to find ways to live out those apologies and to “walk together”.

The following links on the United Church’s website point to various related actions, programs, policies, and ministries:

For a detailed chronology of actions taken between 1980 and the present, see this link.

The United Church has produced many resources, both print and video. Here is a listing of what has been produced, and is available from the United Church Resource Distribution Centre, or from the AudioVisual Lending Library (AVEL).

Also a listing of General Council staff related to residential schools, building right relations, and Aboriginal ministries. To contact them:


For information on Remembering the Children: an Aboriginal and Church Leaders' Tour to Prepare for Truth and Reconciliation, email

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