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Print and Audio-Visual Resources Produced with UC Support

Oct 1991 Spirit Connection: “Native Issues special”
Nov 1993 Spirit Connection: “Stan McKay: Memories & Search for Healing”
  The Dancing Sun worship resources (vol. I to VIII) & Children of the Dancing Sun curriculum (vol. IX to XII)
  Video “The Awakening of Elizabeth Shaw”
1995 Booklet: Why the Healing Fund?
  Video: Words are not Enough – Intro to the Healing Fund
Feb 1996 Spirit Connection: “Healing from Abuse in IRS”
Dec 1996 Spirit Connection: “Recommendations of Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples (RCAP)
Apr 1998 Spirit Connection: “Native Issues and RCAP”
Dec 1998 Spirit Connection: “File Hills Reserve – Healing and Apology”
Feb 1999 Spirit Connection: “Forum: The Apology”
1999 From Our Mother’s Arms: The Intergenerational Impact of Residential Schools in Saskatchewan by Constance Dieter, UCPH
2000 Overview: Evaluation of Workers’ Wonderings – A Gathering of Those Who Worked in the Indian Residential Schools held in Surrey, BC, March 2000
Apr 2000 Residential Schools Update first newsletter published
Apr 2001 Spirit Connection: “Native Justice”
2001 KAIROS kit: “As Long as the Sun Rises and the River Flows”
2001 Justice and Reconciliation: The Legacy of Indian Residential Schools (blue study resource)
Oct 2001 Spirit Connection “Reconciliation”
Lent 2002 Spirit Connection “Paths of Grace” – parts 3 and 4 look at the meeting of Native and Christian spiritual traditions
2003 Toward Justice and Right Relationship: A Beginning (green congregational study guide and DVD)
2003 Video or DVD “Hear Our Voices” – 4 part with study guide on social, political, economic, and cultural rights of First Nations
2003 That All May Be One: A Resource for Educating Toward Racial Justice
May 2005 Mandate Special Mission theme edition “One More Step: Living in Right Relationship
2005 Spirit Connection: “Listening to the Spirit- Preparing the Way” - National Aboriginal Consultation, Sudbury, July 05
2005 Spirit Connection: “Topahdewin:The Gladys Cook Story”
Feb 2006 A Healing Journey for Us All: Uncovering the Wounds of Empire. A 3-session study process for National Day of Healing and Reconciliation (May 26)
Feb 2006 Translation of the 1986 Apology to First Nations Peoples is completed into Oji-Cree, Swampy Cree, TH Cree, Oneida, Mohawk, Plains Cree Y and Ojibway. Also in French, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Portuguese, and Spanish. Translations of 1998 Apology done by Jan/08.
May 2007 Mandate Special Mission theme edition “Challenging Empire: A Call to Community” p.10-11
Oct 2007 Spirit Connection: “Invitation to Encounter”
Jan 2008 Circle and Cross – resource for dialogue

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