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A Chronology of Our Ongoing Walk With Aboriginal Peoples

1969 Publication of Beyond Traplines by sociologist Charles Hendry on the relationship between the Anglican Church of Canada and Aboriginals results in a decision by the church to withdraw from participation in the residential schools system, and to begin advocating for Aboriginal justice.

1987 The Anglican Church of Canada makes a further commitment to work towards Aboriginal justice through Project North, an inter-church social justice coalition.

1988 First all-Aboriginal Anglican national gathering in Fort Qu’Appelle, Saskatchewan.

1989 First Aboriginal Bishop Charles Arthurson is appointed in the Diocese of Saskatchewan.

1991 Creation of the Residential Schools Advisory Group and fund for healing. (As of 2007, the Anglican Healing Fund has distributed over $3 million towards healing projects. This work is ongoing.)

1993 Primate (national archbishop) Michael Peers issues an apology on behalf of the Anglican Church of Canada to Aboriginals.

1994 Creation of Our Journey of Spiritual Renewal, a statement on the history, experience, and hopes of Aboriginal Anglicans, and adoption of A Covenant, a pledge from Anglican Aboriginals to work in partnership with the Anglican Church of Canada.

1996 Publication of the Report of the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples, to which the Anglican Church of Canada made a submission.

1998 Beyond Traplines is republished with an introduction by the Rt. Rev. Gordon Beardy and an appendix on the work of the Anglican Church of Canada and government initiatives since 1969.

2001 Creation and distribution of the New Agape, a resource to help Non-Aboriginal and Aboriginal Anglicans work in partnership in parish and diocesan ministry.

2003 Indian Residential School Settlement Agreement signed between the Anglican Church of Canada and the Government of Canada.

2005 Sacred Circle gathering in Pinawa, Manitoba, approves the establishment of the position of National Indigenous Anglican Bishop.

2007 First National Indigenous Anglican Bishop, Mark MacDonald, appointed to provide leadership towards the establishment of a self-determining Indigenous Anglican Church within the Anglican Church of Canada.

2007 Revised Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement accepted, confirming that the Anglican Church of Canada will provide $15.7 million for compensation and for healing work.

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